God’s Love

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8 (NIV)

I know there are more than a few reading this who have experienced the great blessing and joy of seeing at least one generation of related babies making their first attempts at walking. And no matter how many related generations of babies we’ve witnessed, what is memorable in all of them is the extremely strong, determined, and continuous will in those little ones, to keep on trying, and improving. No matter how often these toddlers fall, trip, or stumble, they have that permanent will to get up and try again. If we multiply the determination of those babies’ wills by a few billion trillion, we may at least, just start to commence, to begin to understand our Lord’s Will and Grace to love us, and to keep on loving us. We know His love for His children is a glorious and perfect love, don’t we? As well as that, we know “God is love” itself. God’s love is fair. He loves all of us in the same way. God’s love conquers any difficulty. God’s love will build a br idge across any kind of river we need to cross. There is no wall or mountain God’s love cannot leap, or bring down for us. There is no muddle, tangle, mistake or, sin that God’s love cannot graciously forgive. God’s love satisfies every longing in our hearts. God’s love places His Kingdom within us; Righteousness, Peace and Joy. God’s love is a giving, doing, practical, working love, not merely a saying love. God’s love is compassionate; He suffers with us. God’s love is Omnipresent, Steadfast, Immutable, and Eternal.

Holy Lord, Thank You, for Your wonderful love for us, for all people. May we ever be grateful, and keen to testify, and never be silent about You, Your salvation plan, or Your perfect love. Amen and Amen.

By  Rosemary (Westbury, Victoria, Australia)