God's Refrigerator

Because you are precious in my sight, and honored, I love you.” Isaiah 43:4 (NIV)

On my refrigerator are pictures of everyone precious to me. I love this special collage of loved ones and often just stand in front of the door with a glowing smile on my face and special memories in my heart. I stare at my five year old granddaughter and three year old grandson ferociously banging on their older half-brother’s drum set. I am reminded of my husband and me at a Christmas dinner dance resplendent in our formal attire. My eyes then settle on my eighteen year old step-grandson as he plants a whopper of a kiss on his girlfriend’s face. Of course, there is a picture of our lovable Missy, our very active Rat Terrier. Have you heard the saying that if God had a refrigerator, He’d put your picture on it? Now that’s something to smile about! I imagine Him gazing at our pictures as He grins from ear to ear. See, He loves us no matter what our skin color is, no matter how we look, or no matter how smart we are —His is an incredibly incomprehensible love. Let t hat reality sink into your heart today. No matter what kind of day you’re having, know that you are surrounded and cushioned by the unimaginable love of God, for you are precious in His sight.

We really can’t comprehend your love, Lord. Let the very thought penetrate our hearts today and influence us to spread this love wherever we go.

By Jackie (Tennessee, USA)