A Friend Loves

“A friend loves at all times.”
Proverbs 17:17

When my husband, Ross, died in 2003, a part of my own heart died. In those first months following his death, I felt a loneliness I had never before experienced. It seemed unbearable at times. I felt an all-consuming emptiness – in my house, my life, my heart, and even in my ministries. My head knew that God had not forsaken me but it was going to take my heart a lot longer to understand that. For several months following Ross’ death, I spent much of my time after work and on weekends at the house of my friends, Chuck and Peggy. They literally took me in, surrounded me with love and compassion, and sheltered me as I began the grieving process. Every day, Chuck assured me that I would get through the dark valley I had just entered, that it was temporary, and that I would be okay. Peggy provided the daily hugs and tissues. They accepted me just as I was – hurting, afraid, angry, uncertain, crying, and numb. They loved me unconditionally. God is talking about faithfulness in this passage of Scripture. A friend is a companion who walks beside us, through the good and the not so good times.

Father, one of Your greatest blessings is that of friendship. Thank you for surrounding me with such wonderful friends.

By Angela, Ohio, U.S.A.