On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided. Genesis 22:14 (NIV)

As soon as the pregnancy test showed positive, the search began for a vehicle that could transport our expanding family. With limited funds, the Lord’s hand was upon us as we found a van in impeccable condition with low mileage… in our price range… and even in the color we desired! But we were to be tested. One Sunday afternoon, we commuted into the city for a day of sightseeing and left our van in the parking lot of the train station. With weary feet and cranky children, we reentered the station at the end of the day. Our parking spot was empty! Hearts sunk as we were gripped with the realization that our van had been stolen. We felt a bit like Abraham when asked to give up the son that God had surely provided as part of His promise. Were we, too, being asked to offer this, our gift, back to Him? Friends drove us home that evening and we spent most the week in a haze of decisions. Should we purchase another vehicle on credit? Should we make do with a small car that couldn’t hold us all? Should we save until we could afford something bigger? We called out to God for direction. And then we received the phone call. The local police had recovered our van, out of gas, but otherwise unharmed!

Father, thank You for this ram in the thicket. Thank You for never going back on Your promises and reminding us that everything is a gift from You!

By Kristin (Maryland, USA)