Smooth Going

Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the
Lord by ceasing to pray for you. 1Samuel 12:23a, (NAS)

I was traveling today and thinking about all the people who went into
making my trip safe. As I awoke this morning I had prayed for the
security people, pilots, plane crew and mechanics, knowing that if
everyone did their job well my journey would go more smoothly.

In the quiet moments of waking, I have developed the habit of thinking of
people I will be working with that day, praying for them and for myself.
That prayer might go something like, "Lord, help us to relate well to
each other and give us a sense of your order, truth, and goodness".

Recently a co-worker asked, "You always seem to have such a sense of
calm in the middle of all this work. How do you do it?" My answer
was immediate. "I pray a lot!" I thought if she could only see
what I wrote in my journal last night! My journal is my way of sorting things out, talking to myself and to God. I had written that I want God's presence in my life, so I pray often. Praying is one way that I invite the Lord into my circumstances and into the lives of people around me.

Prayer: Lord, you have given us your power here on earth to pray your
presence into our lives and others. Thank you for that power. Remind me to use it!

By Al, California