Power In Praising The Lord!

",,,,Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise Him for the splendor of his holiness as they went out at the head of the army, saying: 'Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever.'" from 2 Chronicles 20: 18-23


This Bible paragraph means alot to me. I am amazed at the way King Jehoshaphat had victory over nations that came to destroy them. He did not use weapons, or swords, or horses, for war, but he had the people play instruments to praise the Lord and eveyone repeat "Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever." (verse 21). The Lord's power was then demonstrated to them by sweeping all Israel's enemies. The same Lord in the past is the same Lord forever.

I have experienced the power of the Lord by praising Him in a time that one of our Christians from Toro's Church in South Haiti was possessed with 7 demons. The name of that one possessed with demons was Jertrude Joseph. She is the daughter of a voodoo priest named Dadoute Joseph that used to work mightly for all kinds of people in Haiti.

I was not on the mountain when the lady became crazy and wanted to kill herself by running to the cliffs to jump down. The villagers were obliged to hide all knives in the house, if not, she would use them to kill herself. It happeed according to the priest's sons and daughters just because Jertrude did not ask them permission to come to listen to the gospel of Christ and receive Christ as her Saviour.

She spent a week having our people surround her praying and fasting and casting out the demons, but nothing worked because those demons were sly. When I went up on the mountain, usually on Saturday to preach on Sunday, I could see Jertrude surrounded with all the Christians sitting peacefully waiting for an action by the demon. The demon came out and went back, this is not true. The Christians used to spend all their time for nothing and when they left, the demons came to kill Jertrude again..

I remember what the King Jehoshaphat did and the power of our Lord was used to show while worshipping. I said to the Christians, "Let us worship the Lord to see what the demons have in mind. After 40 minutes of worhipping, the power of the demons was manifested, and we divided the worshipping group in two. One group was worshipping and the other was holding the lady. We cast them out in the name of Jesus one after another. They talked to us and told us why they came to the girl and who sent them.

Whoever encounters difficulties, trials, or demons' challenges, just live in worship because it is more powerful than any nuclear bomb that may exist.


Oh Lord, we thank thee for all those weapons that are available for us to use in time of need. Help us not only to worship You in all circumstances but also to worship You for what You are and what You are to us.

Belade (Haiti)