Autographed by Dad

Job 2: 6 (NLT)

'All right, do to him as you please, the Lord said to Satan, but spare his life'

During the first week of the new school year, a middle school student brought home a stack of forms requesting the authorized signature of a parent.
Among the group of documents were the school’s agreements, policies, regulations, classroom rules, the student’s accessibility to diverse programs and the use of school equipment.

Before the father signed his autograph along the dotted line, he read each form carefully. Having made his decision he gave conditional consent only to the request he felt would greatly benefit his son, and denied all access to the remaining.

In Job’s situation, Satan did not ask permission to attack Job, instead, God offered him as a candidate. Undoubtedly, it was Satan’s ultimate desire to demolish Job, but God gave him firm restrictions.

Likewise, nothing bypasses God without his permission. When we belong to the household of God, He signs the permission slips to all tests and trials. There are times whe n troubles strike us on every angle, but those are the seasons, when Satan has inquired to attack us or God himself initiates us so that he may elevate us to a higher level of blessings, character or faith. Each time Satan asks to bother us, God responds to his request in the following manner “limited access or access denied”, but God will never authorize anything, which attempts to destroy us.

Lord, when I am under attack, help me to remember my test, trials and troubles are consented for the purpose of my triumphs.

By Dawn, (Texas)