In Times of Adversity

Job 1:21 NIV
“…the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”

Our lives become drastically altered when a spouse’s health is taken away. My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer near the end of 2005. The next three years were like a roller coaster ride, filled with good news and bad, hope and despair. Dave bravely faced his cancer demon. And with the Lord’s help, I remained by his side, supporting him through it all until God said “Enough” and called him home near the end of 2008.

The Lord’s faithful servant, Job, became well acquainted with the words ‘taken away.’ Job enjoyed the good life and had accumulated much wealth. God had richly blessed him. Yet God allowed Satan to take away those material blessings, his health, and other blessings as well.

The wise Job realized that none of the riches and possessions he had accumulated in life were of importance. His relationship with God the Father was what really mattered to him.

Though the walls of Job’s existence were crumbling around h im, this faithful servant did not lose focus upon God. Nor did he lose faith. In the face of terrible adversity, Job still honored and praised God.

In times of adversity, we are extremely vulnerable. At those times, we seem to need God more than ever. Many of us quickly turn to God when things get rough. However, are we able to praise God during those rough times? It is far from easy to praise God when things seem to be crumbling around us. Yet, that is exactly what Job did.

Though my path is uneven and rocky,
and the ground beneath my feet falls away,
Your loving arms are there to catch me.
By my side You will always stay.
You will be with me all the way.

All Knowing Father, help us to be able to praise You in all things, the good and the bad. Amen.

By Lanette, Indiana