Fit For The Job

I Corinthians 12:7 A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. (NLT)

“I’m your huckleberry.” It’s my favorite statement made by Doc Holiday to Johnny Ringo in the movie Tombstone. But what is the origin and implication of this quaint idiom?

Its meaning predates the Old West and is discovered in botanical history. European settlers arriving in the New World found several bushes containing small berries reminding them of the English bilberry and other similar fruits. They called them hurtleberries which in time was corrupted to huckleberries. Since huckleberries were small, the word eventually became a synonym for humble or minor and later referred to someone who was inconsequential.

Somewhere along the line, the phrase changed connotation and came to mean “I’m the man for the job.” It was in this vein that Doc Holiday used it when facing Johnny Ringo in a final showdown. Ringo wanted Wyatt Earp but Holiday was the huckleberry, and he demonstrated his fitness for the job by delivering a quick bullet to Ringo� ��s head.

I’ve had a few jobs I didn’t feel huckleberried for. One in particular was supervisor of the cloth room in a local cotton mill. Others had more department seniority and knowledge. But I was given the job and in time became-or learned to be, the huckleberry.

God’s kingdom work is immense, and sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the huckleberry for it either. You too? Not to worry. God gives at least one spiritual gift-and often more, which equips us to be his huckleberries.

Gifts are for believers and are listed in several New Testament places, but most scholars reject the idea they are exhaustive. There are no limits to God’s gifts because his work is worldwide and the challenges of doing it satisfactorily continue to change. Gifts allow our methods to change yet remain effective while we maintain the same message.

Whatever God leads you to do, he will huckleberry you for. We don’t always feel up to it or ade quate for it but God never leads us into anything he doesn’t holster us for. Listen for God’s challenge, and when it becomes clear tell him, “I’m your huckleberry.”

Prayer: Lord when we feel inadequate for Your high and challenging calls, remind us Your strength is made perfect in our weakness.

By Martin, Harleyville, SC, USA