Matt. 23:37 TEV

Some low-hanging branches in our oak tree needed to go. I grabbed the tree pruner. I had no sooner pinched off the first branch and a screeching, scolding robin dove straight for me. I knew immediately that there was a nest of baby birds somewhere in the foliage above me. Mother Robin was doing her best to protect her babies.

Mother love is like that. I can totally identify with Mother Robin. Like the time the neighborhood bully was taunting my son. My behavior was much like that of the mother robin.

The parable of the hen and chicks is one of the few times Jesus is portrayed as a mother. In the parable, the chicks are old enough to stray. My mother robin had the advantage. Her babies were still in the nest. Jesus knows that it is when we are able to wander off that the problems develop. Thus his parable. How comforting that Jesus is there, waiting to take us under His wings when danger threatens.

Prayer: Like a mother, you long to protect us. Distractions of the world cause us to stray from your protection. Thank you for being there, ready to take us under your loving wings. Amen.

By Madeline, Nebraska