A Christmas Perspective

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.”
Matthew 2:10 NKJV

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my friend, Pam, and I were discussing our individual Christmas preparations. I explained that I would not be decorating as much as I usually did because I felt it did not display the true meaning of Christmas. Pam then explained why she would be decorating as usual.

For Pam, the lights remind her that Jesus is the Light of the world. The lights also remind her of the star that guided the shepherds and wise men to the stable where Christ was born. The Christmas carols remind her of the angels who sang as they rejoiced the night Christ was born. The tree symbolizes all of God’s creation. The presents represent the gifts the three wise men laid before Baby Jesus. Pam bakes a birthday cake for Jesus. Even the ninety-nine cent decorations she has purchased over the years remind her that even in the lean years, it did not cost much to add a little Christmas joy. For Pam, if any of these elements are missing, she feels like a part of Christmas is missing. It is a package deal for her – and the package is all about Jesus.

Father, help us to stay focused on the real meaning of Christmas – the birth of Your Son.

By Angela, Ohio, U.S.A.