Peace on earth to those with whom He is well pleased. Luke 2:14

The word "peace" can be found 429 times in the Bible. Perhaps the most well known and most meaningful passage is found in the Christmas story as the angels herald the arrival of the Prince of Peace.

One summer I traveled with a group to the Nebraska sand hills to learn about the Ogallala tribe native to that area. The atmosphere was something I had never before and have not since experienced. We sat in the grass atop a small hill far from civilization. No traffic. No trains. Not even a breeze or the chirp of a bird disturbed the complete silence. Then, penetrating that silence, the speaker began his presentation.

Few of us live where a quiet place is easily accessible. We live in the communication age where instant and constant communication is almost unavoidable. Only with intentional effort can we quiet our souls enough to hear His voice. Then, with the distractions of the world eliminated, we may hear His still small voice. Peace be with y ou.

Lord, quiet our hearts. Draw us from the disruptions all around us. Bring us perfect peace that we may hear you speak. Amen.

By Madeline, NE