The Long Wait and The Lost Son

"But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found." Luke 15:32

The other day an acquaintance talked about the ‘long wait’. How important it is for us to be patient and not force God on those who have left the comfort of God’s loving family and chosen the world for this season of their life. This reminder to continue loving unconditionally, extend the arms of Jesus to the lost, sing words of encouragement, not judgment. Most of all: prayer, seeking our Creator, the Almighty One, in prayer for our lost ones; our children, family members, and friends that have walked away from the Lord. Oh, how the wait has been long!
In the parable of the Lost Son it appears at first glance the father waited only a few years for the sons return. Looking at it closer we see seasons; first, of wild living, second, of famine in a whole country. Each of those could be long waits within themselves. This brings comfort to me and for all of us who the wait has been long. This parable demonstrates that the Lord, the Father of the lost son, is patient in waiting for his return. Why should I be more impatient than God?
Daily the prayers keep piling before the Lord. Daily we will not forget our loved ones who are not acknowledging God in their life, turning their backs on Him. So,I have no choice but to endure the ‘Long Wait’. The longer the wait the more expansive the celebration, the fatter the calf, gladness spilling across borders. I will continue to stand at the gate, filled with compassion, searching for the lost to return.

Father, Thank you for teaching parables to encourage us. We pray for our lost family and friends. Thank you that you are there with us at the gate during the ‘Long Wait’. Amen.

By Mary Billings