Who'd pick me?

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit - fruit that will last.
John 15: 16a (NIV)

When I was at school I used to dread PE lessons. The worst was when teachers left it to the team captains to choose who they wanted on their side. Unsurprisingly, it was always the kids who were sporty and popular who got picked first. Being shy and studious, I was usually last in the line.

That sense of being unwanted is something I’ve struggled with over the years – and not just on the sports pitch. When I’m excluded - either deliberately or accidentally - I feel rejected and unloved. Fear of being left out causes me to withdraw from others, reinforcing my feelings of isolation. From there it’s a downward spiral: I lose sight of who I am in Jesus, and my thinking is clouded by self-pity.

That’s why this verse speaks to me so powerfully. In church, we often talk about seeking Jesus, whereas the amazing truth is that He sought us first. Understanding that God has chosen me – not because of my achievements, but simply because He loves me – transforms how I feel about myself. Unlike my school captain, He will not change His mind or abandon me for someone else. God’s choosing gives me security. I know that I am accepted and included in His family, and that He has an eternal purpose for my life.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You have chosen me to be part of Your family. Thank You that in Jesus I am accepted and loved. Please show me how I can become more fruitful for You.


By Fiona, Leeds UK