The seeds sown in good soil stand for those who hear the message and understand it. Matt. 13:23 TEV

My back yard looked as drab as I felt. I had long ago given up on attracting birds with a feeder, as the squirrels always beat them to the seed. My after-dinner coffee was getting cold. I decided to take a walk.

Deep in thought, prioritizing my upcoming Monday tasks, my thoughts were interrupted by the shrill call of a cardinal. Startled out of my reverie, my gaze traveled to the top branches of a tall pine tree. There he perched, his scarlet coat framed by the deep green branches; his clear call piercing the quiet evening for all who would take time to listen.

The parable of the sower is really about listening. Our Creator speaks to us in many ways. In fact, He speaks to us whether we choose to listen or not. His message falls on both deaf ears and open ears; poor soil and good soil. The cardinal's call fortunately broke through my preoccupation and I was blessed. God also longs to break through our preoccupation to bless us. Are our ears ope n?

Lord of the Universe, Creator of all things good, give us eyes to see and ears to hear the blessings you long to pour upon us. Amen.

By Madeline, Hastings, NE