Our Generous Master

Matthew 20:1-16

Thought for Today: Are you envious because God is generous? (Matthew 20:15 NIV)

In 1954 as a college Home Economics major, I prepared the desserts at a summer camp. I was hired for seventy-five dollars a month, plus room and board, to assist an older woman. She suffered a heart attack the first week, so I did the work for both of us all summer. This meant working longer hours for the same pay. Sometimes I resented it, but usually I didn’t mind, since I still was able to enjoy some of the evening camp services.
The end of June, I walked with my high school roommate to the office to pick up our paychecks. She received twenty-five dollars. I knew I worked longer hours and had more responsibility, but told her I thought she deserved more than just twenty-five dollars a month.
"I get paid every week," she said.
I'm no mathematician, but quickly realized she earned more than I, with less work and responsibility. It wasn’t fair! I felt cheated. Yes, that is what I agreed to, but that was for just being a helper eight hours a day. I spent the rest of the day trying to hide the resentment I felt.
That evening when I read Matthew 20, God gently pointed out the need to correct my attitude with gratitude for the wonderful experiences I was having that summer, that were more valuable than a bigger paycheck.

Prayer: Father, All things belong to You. Thank You for generously providing for all my needs. Forgive my jealousy and critical spirit when you bless others. Amen.

By Barbara, Roanoke, TX