Go, then, to all people everywhere and make them my disciples. Matt. 28:19a TEV

My purchase at the hardeware store was particularly heavy, and knowing that I would be unable to load it into my car without assistance, I asked the check-out girl for carry-out help. A very pleasant gentleman came to assist me. As we exited the store, I made a negative comment about it being a typical windy Nebraska day. His response was that things like that didn't bother him a lot as he looked at life as a journey toward his permant home with his Lord. Rather than the usual "Have a good day" that we hear so often, he followed this with: "Have a blessed day."

When Jesus ascended into heaven, we became his hands, His feet, His mouth. In Matthew 28 we are clearly given that assignment and my carry-out gentleman was doing just that. By picking up on my casual comment and by making a subtle change in the worn out "Have a good day," he made it clear that he served the risen and victorious Savior. And he sent a clear message to me that I could do a much better job of doing so.


Lord, help us to take every opportunity to use our hands, our feet and our mouths to serve you, not

occasionally, but at every opportunity. Amen.


Madeline (Nebraska)