“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15 KJV)

A few years ago, I was walking by myself at a resort in Hawaii. It was a blessing to be able to hear the beautiful birds as they flew by and to have private time in which I could fill my lungs with the fragrant flower infused air that was so free for the taking.

Waking in sunshine that was filtered by waving palm trees, I felt so free and at peace.

Then, I heard a voice say: “The Lord giveth and He taketh away”. I ignored the voice because I didn’t want to be disturbed. A few steps later, I heard the same words, only it was a firmer voice talking to me. That got my attention so I said: “Is that you Lord”? I felt an affirmation that dazed me.

My wife met me as I stepped into our condo and said: “Honey, your mother is dying”. I called Mom in California and asked my sister, who is a nurse, to lay the cell phone on Mom’s chest because she was semi-conscious. As I sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, to my Spirit filled little Mother, she left the room, that had filled with light and warmth. 

Mom isn’t blind in one eye anymore. She won’t fall down and lay there afraid again. She’s with Jesus.

I’m telling myself that the tears that are starting to flow down my face are tears of joy, but they really are because I miss her.

Lord, we praise You for Your conquering death! Amen.

Robert (AZ)