"Can Love Contain Death?"

"The Wages of Sin Is Death", Romans 6:23

Early in my career, I was confused by my patients opinions about love. A number (including several ministers) claimed to have found the love that they had always needed in the arms of a lover that wasn't their husband or wife. I soon learned that this was only one type of love that I had to ferret through.

Love comes in many shades and intensities. Some righteous, and some not so much.

Tender love for a baby can morph into furious love if you threaten that momma's baby. My love for our dog is certainly different than my love for my backyard palm trees.

One of the saddest experiences is when a child of God looses their first love for Jesus. We become lonely for Him. The eternal flavor of Jesus surpasses any other type of love, and we miss Him deep down in our heart. Desperately seeking for love in all the wrong places, we miss our first love. Depression sets in as the Holy Spirit is grieved. We forget that we are part of the bride of Christ, as John 3;29 tells us.

The types of love are varied and colorful. And, some types of love have death in them. Feelings of love are real (whether healthy or not). Shame and hatred can squash old love feelings, but every time that we love, it becomes apart of our personalities fabric. This is why our Father tells us many times in The Book to be careful who we love..

But above all, a day without our first love is a sad day.

Lord Jesus, You are my first love. Please help me to be faithful to You today. I open the door of my heart afresh to you right now. I need you Lord.

Robert (AZ)