And after the fire, there was a soft whisper of a voice.
1 kings19:12b (TEV)

Mumbling an apology to the committee members, Roger scrambled to silence his ringing cell phone. "Maybe it's God calling," Tom joked. "Better not put Him on vibrate." This from Todd.

A week later, this silly conversation would not let me rest. Guilt kept me replaying the phrase, "better not put Him on vibrate." I was reminded of Elijah. He experienced severe storms on that mountain top. Strong winds; an earthquake and even a fire. But he still had not heard God's voice. It was in the calm after the storms he heard His still small voice. It was then that Elijah became empowered to go and do as God directed.

During the crises -- the storms -- of my life I naturally spend much time in prayer. But most days I hurry through morning devotions and rush out the door. I fret and stew over the day's problems and challenges rather than asking His help. I go day after day without taking a quiet time to "just listen" to His still small voice. Figurative ly I am putting Him on vibrate so His call does not interrupt my important schedule. By doing so, I am telling Him that the things of the world come first and when I get around to it I will take His call. And I am denying myself both a tremendous blessing and the empowerment I need for daily living and to do His work.

God of peace, quiet our souls in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. May we never use methods to drown out your voice. Amen.

By Madeline, Nebraska