Jesus said to them, "Come with me, and I will teach you to catch men." Matthew 4:19 TEV

When our son was younger, his heart's desire for Christmas was a rock polisher. In preparation for the day he would have this prized possession, he spent weeks collecting rocks. There were rocks in pockets, rocks in the carpet, rocks in the washing machine. It was a relief to finally have them in the polisher.

I remember hearing the hum of the polisher in the garage, day after day. And when the rocks came out, their beauty was overwhelming. They shone with a colorful brilliance that one could never imagine would be hiding in a piece of rock picked up from a gravel street.

Jesus did not go into the temples, the courthouses, or any of the learned, upperclass establishments to pick His disciples. He went out to the seashore, to the laboring class, even to the despised and rejected people and said, "Follow me." And what did He do with these "rough stones?" He polished them. He refined them. We have but to read the Acts of the Apostles to see the re sults of Jesus' teaching and the power of the Holy Spirit in these disciples' lives. Rough stones? The roughest. Can God likewise use us? We can be sure of it.

Thank you, Lord, that You still use ordinary people to be Your disciples and share Your message. Amen.

By Madeline, Nebraska