Honor the Lord by making Him an offering from the best of all that your land produces. Prov. 3:9 TEV

As the offering is received on Sunday mornings in our congregation, the children drop a :"noisy offering" into a metal urn in front of the altar. This offering is sent to a Christian school in Tanzania to pay a student's tuition. One Sunday four-year-old Brandon couldn't find his coins. Oblivious to the chuckles coming from the congregants, he stood in front of the congregation, turning in circles as he dug through one pocket after another. It was obvious to all that Brandon was not returning to his seat until he found and gave his offering.

The first fruits of God's gifts to us might not be literally hiding in our pockets. But they are often hiding behind our lack of faith that God will adequately provide for us. They may be hiding behind our materialism and selfishness. Are we as determined as Brandon to find them and offer them back to our Lord, the giver of all good things?

Good and gracious God, you love and care for us in spite of or faithlessness. Help us to trust you enough to give back to you the first-fruits of our labor, trusting you always. Amen.

By Madeline Peterson Nebraska