"He leads the humble in the right way and teaches them His will. Ps. 25:9 (TEV)

Six-year-old Brandon was as ready for his first Little League softball game as he was going to be. Now it was his turn to bat. He did eventually hit the ball. Everyone shouted, "Run, Brandon, run!" And he ran -- to third base.

The next time he was up to bat, he ran the right direction. But he saw the opposing team running to get the ball and -- deciding that looked like fun -- joined them.

Brandon could be excused. It was his first game. As Christians, we too often run the wrong direction or -- even worse -- help the opposing team. All too often, we play into satan's hands. And most of us cannot use the excuse that we have had no experience at Christian living.

Father God, we, your disciples, often stray from you. Help us to stay focused on you and your will. Give us a clear sense of direction for our lives. Amen.

By Madeline, Nebraska