Some of it fell on rocky ground, and when the plants sprouted, they dried up because the soil had no moisture. Luke 8:6 TEV

As I prepared the soil for spring planting in my back yard garden, this parable came to mind. I remembered times when I had tried to plant a garden in hard, rocky soil. Few seeds were able to survive. Compost and sand needed to be brought in and mixed into it. Each year I am confronted with areas that have become depleted and need to be enriched. 

Jesus used this parable to help the disciples understand that not everyone will accept their teachings. The soil of their hearts was in no condition for the seed to grow and thrive.

By the same token, our hearts are not automatically "good soil." We can never assume that they are rich and fertile. Life's experiences can either harden our hearts or prepare our hearts for the planting of the seed. They can help us grow and mature, preparing us to become the soil He needs in which to plant the seed. Then as we water the seed with prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship, our "rich and fertile" hearts grow and thrive for service in His Kingdom.

The pleasure I receive as I watch my garden thrive has to be nothing to the pleasure God receives as the Kingdom grows.

Lord, prepare our hearts for the planting of the seed. Amen.


Madeline (NE)