Changing My Craving

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. (NIV)

Lately I've been reading several interesting and insightful health and nutrition 
articles. They explain the way our taste buds can change. The tested 
theory states that the more you feed yourself junk foods and things that 
don't bring ultimate health, the more your body craves those items. 
On the other hand, as you taste and feed yourself healthy, nutritious 
life-giving food, the more your body starts to want those things. You 
can literally retrain your taste buds and they will adapt to craving 
things that are good for you. The research went on to explain that
you don't have to crave junk or fake foods forever! Happily, with
some discipline and time, you can be pleasantly surprised to find 
that you now prefer real food that brings wellness and wholeness
to your body. 
So, fast forward to yesterday… I was watching some meaningless TV 
with worldly, fleshly material, nothing ultimately edifying or honoring.
I was also not craving the Bible right then. Suddenly, it struck me (the
Holy Spirit convicting me?) and I realized it was the same as with food.
The more I didn't feed my Spirit, the less I would have spiritual desires.
Conversely, the more I don't feed my flesh but feast on the Word, the
more I will crave and want the things that bring life and bless my body
and soul. 

Wow, Lord, thanks for that divine insight and gentle challenge. Help 
me to crave You and feed my soul with the things that don't bring death
but bring life. Lord, You came to bring us life. Help me want Your daily bread. Amen.


Cindy (GA)