Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor. Isa. 58:7a TEV

From sun-up to sun-down, my back yard bird feeder is a popular place. It is, however, not a friendly place. A tiny finch tries to sneak in for a quick snack. Soon a much bigger black bird swoops down and chases him away. A cardinal stops by for a bite, only to have a whole family of black birds rudely interrupt his meal. One black bird feels enough ownership of my "free food" that he fights off other black birds.

As I sip my morning coffee, I smile. The birds are my morning entertainment. But I have to accept the fact that I am all too much like the black bird who declares the bird feeder his private domain. I forget that all that I have is a gift from a benevolent God -- a free meal. My body, my mind, my ability to work and bring home the pay check that purchases my daily bread; all are a gift from God. Yet like the black birds, when asked to share (Isa. 58:6), I tend to screech "No That's mine"!

Benevolent God, thank you for your many gifts. Teach me to share. Amen


Madeline (NE)