A Shelter in the Storm

Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble. NIV

The tornado sirens were sounding, as I grabbed my cat and ran to the basement shelter. The winds began to blow hard and the house groaned. As I sat huddled, my kitty began to purr in my arms. How could she be so calm when a tornado was just outside? In that moment, the Lord brought to mind the time the disciples were afraid in a storm. Waking Jesus, they asked him how he could be sleeping when they were going to drown. Jesus told the storm to be calm and it was calm. In that moment, I stopped listening to the storm outside and began praying. A peace like I had never known settled over me. As my kitty felt safe in my arms, in God, I am sheltered from any storm. As the tornado moved on, I knew my house had damage, but I also knew God was with me.

Lord thank you in the midst of trials and storms you are my strength and refuge. Help me today to keep my focus on you and to give you my cares and concerns.


Jenny (Wi)