I was jealous of the proud when I saw that things go well for the wicked. Psalm 73:3


An avid gardener, I am planting almost before the ground has thawed. Radishes 
can be planted early, so in the ground the tiny seeds go. Then I watch for the slender, green sprouts to poke through the brown earth. Every year I marvel anew at the ability of a tiny seed to send it's sprout the right direction. Never do they rebel and go the other direction They reach for the sun. Do they have a hotline to God?

The psalmist was annoyed. He felt God was not doing His job well. As he saw it, evil men were doing far better than the godly and God was not being just. Not until he spent time in the temple did he have an awakening. He decided God was not doing so badly after all.

How often we complain about the job God is doing. The weather's too hot. The weather's too cold. Couldn't God stop all the suffering if he really wanted to?

Unlike the God-questioners of the world, the tiny seeds seem to be tuned in to Him. They do what they were created to do -- no questions asked. An interesting concept -- humans learning a faith lesson from a tiny radish seed.

Lord of the universe, creator of all things great and small, help us to stay closely tuned to your will for our lives. Amen.


Madeline (NE)