All of you are Christ's body, and each one is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:27

According to Webster's dictionary, the word "talent" can refer to anything of value -- from gold coins to skills and aptitudes. On Stewardship Sunday, the president of our congregation passed out strips of construction paper to the worshippers. On the strips we were to write what we felt were our God-given talents. The council members came around with staplers and the strips were stapled together into a long chain which was then stapled into a huge circle.

The chain of talents was meant to represent how we, as Christians, are all given talents. However, linking those talents together, we become the body of Christ, capable of the many tasks Christ has commissioned us to accomplish.

Paul commissioned each member of the church in Corinth to do his/her part, according to the talents that person had been given. Some may be teachers; some healers. They each had his/her distinctive gifts to give.

The chain still hangs in the entry-way where we can all see it as we come and go for worship; a reminder that no talent is less important than the next. A chain is only a chain if each link does its part. 


Lord, You have made us in Your image. Help us to appreciate the uniqueness that is Your creation and use that uniqueness to your glory. Amen

Madeline (NE)