The Young son sold his part of the property and left home with the money. Luke 15:13b TEV

With her dog on a leash, our ten-year-old daughter headed for the stables. Fed up with the restrictions of home, she was riding her horse, taking her dog, and they were heading to Texas to live with her aunt who already had nine children of her own. This would be a 900 mile trip. These minor details, however, escaped her. As she marched down the road, I called after her, reminding her that she would need to take bags of oats and dog food. After digesting my reminder she wandered around a bit and then finally decided to return home.

The prodigal son, unfortunately, did not listen to any warnings of complicates from his Father. The information he needed to bring him back home came much later. And the complications seriously threatened his well-being.

While we may not be intentionally running away as were my daughter and the prodigal son, we distance ourselves from our Heavenly Father when we neglect scripture reading and prayer. When we choose to sleep-in on a Sunday morning or forget to ask his guidance and direction, we voluntarily forfeit the bountiful blessings of a close relationship with Him. He warns us of the complications that come with distancing ourselves from Him; something we do not like to hear.

Heavenly Father, while you long for a close relationship with us, we seek your forgiveness for so often distancing ourselves from you. Help us to truly value and treasure that relationship. Amen.


Madeline (NE)