A Royal Hotline

Pray at all times. 1 Thess. 5:17 TEV

The text of an old gospel hymn reads: Telephone to glory, oh what joy divine. You can talk to Jesus almost any time. Built by God the Father for his very own. You can talk to Jesus on the Royal Telephone.

In the communication era, something our ancestors could not have dreamed of, we expect to be able to reach others instantly and we expect them to stay in touch with us. If our cell phone goes through the laundry it must be replaced within the hour.

Do we feel the same about prayer? Jesus encourages us to beg and plead with the Father for his help (Luke 18:7). Do we even bother to call just to chat?

In a world that clamors for our attention, God does not demand it. It is our choice. We can allow Him to be crowded out of our busy lives or we can take advantage of the help He offers. The Royal Cell Phone is never turned off, it is never busy, and it never accidentally goes through the laundry.

Lord, help us to lay claim to the incomparable resource we have; a direct line to you. Amen.


Madeline (NE)