"Out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise" Matthew 21:16 NKJV

"My youngest grandson, Rhys, came to me one morning as I was working at my desk and asked me to write out what had come into his mind. As a grandfather who loves what my grandchildren create, I took pause from my writing schedule for the day and took up a pen to write down whatever he would tell me. As he is barely six, I didn't expect much-I was wrong!

He told me that he didn't know how to write yet and that he needed my help. At the end of the first sentence, I thought he was through and began to put down my pen. He said: "Not yet Papa, I'm not through saying what's in my head." Then, after thinking for a few moments, he told me what was bursting to come out. Each of the following words is his, I only gave the title; "Lightning" to his little Holy Spirit given prose.

Rhys, then said with an uncharacteristically mature sounding voice the following words; "Lightning is made of God because the Lightning is made by God. God is parading the Lightning of His voice calling the angels."

Why he was thinking about lightning on a clear Arizona day, only God knows.

Strangely, later he asked me what "parading" meant. At this my heart grew still and paused.

"Thank you Lord for speaking to us out of the mouths of babes. What would this world be without little ones?" "Amen and Amen."

Rev. Dr. Robert  (AZ)