Be patient and wait for the Lord to act. Don't give in to worry or anger; it only leads to trouble. Ps. 37:7a & 8

"Don't worry, Grandma!" This was my grand-daughter, Samantha's favorite saying during her self-confident pre-school years. "Don't worry, Grandma! I know my way through the woods." "Don't worry, Grandma! I know how much lemon to put in a lemon pie!"

I thought with a smile of Samantha's word as I prayed for my husband as the surgeon worked to remove a melanoma from his arm. I again thought of her words as I prayed over our daughter who lay critically ill in intensive care. 

While Samantha was asking me to put my faith in her 3-year-old over-confidence, her words remind me to trust in the promises of Psalm 37. He is saying to me, "Be patient, my child and don't worry, it will only cause you grief." This promise comes from a very Great God through whom all things are possible.

Heavenly Father, we know worry is nothing more than lack of faith. Help us always to trust in Your loving care and divine guidance. Amen.

Madeline (NE)