God said, "Do not come any closer. Take off your sandals, because you are standing on holy ground." Ex. 3:5 TEV

Why "Take off your shoes?" How did that interfere with God communicating with Moses?

I sat in my favorite pew listening to the text being read. I listened to the pastor as he zeroed in on God calling Moses and Moses arguing with God. But I kept coming back in my mind to "take off your shoes." Then my mind wandered to what I needed to attend to as soon as I arrived at my office Monday morning. Soon I was weighing two projects, trying to decide which one carried the greater priority.

Suddenly the light dawned on my question. "Moses, take off your shoes, for you are standing on Holy Ground." Could shoes take on other forms? Could they take the form of work, Sunday dinner, any number of things that might stand in the way of connecting with the Holy One? If Moses's shoes stood between him and God, they needed to be gone. If my musings about Monday morning tasks prevented me from receiving a message from God at that moment, they needed to be gone. I knew then, without a doubt, that there were probably many other "shoes" in my life that needed to be gone.

Lord, help us to remove any obstacles that hinder our relationship with You.

Madeline (NE)