Paradise Birds


One of my favorite paintings is of a mother Paradise Bird feeding her baby. If you have never seen a Brazilian Paradise Bird you have never seen one of the Lord's most beautiful birds. The mother has a brilliant gold tail that is over a foot long. The colors of the rest of her body are equally awesome and include lush blues that cover her head. Sadly, her babies are among nature's ugly ducklings. Small and dull are gracious descriptions. However, they have very big mouths.

When I think of Moses and Paul, I think of Paradise Birds.

Moses was a slow tongue, he must of been a bit dull. Paul plead for prayers that would open up his mouth and make him bold. Further, Christians are told to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be a channel for God's power.

Those that mumble, those afraid to testify, all need to: "OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDE AND I WILL FILL IT" Psalm 81:10.

We don't need to always have the answer, or He wouldn't have told us that the just are to walk by faith.

All God's children need to do is to receive their food, the Word of Life, and let the Spirit flow. Our strength will grow and our beauty will show.

Dear Father, often we don't know what to say when the devil's army attacks. Help to stop and pray and ask You to show us the way. Then, help us to open our mouths wide and allow You to fill it with what You have said. Help us to boldly say: "that's your opinion, I stand like a rock on what God has said in the Bible." In Jesus name, Amen


Dr.Bob (AZ)