The Lion Who Roared

"Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour" I Peter 5:8 NASB

Once there was a lion who prowled around trying to make people afraid. Making his prey cower, he never had to miss a meal.

He began to make his pride follow his example. He felt that he would surely conquer the world.

The lion was crafty, you see. He felt that he had found a win-win. Either his prey joined his family or they were a part of the menu and strengthened his family.

Strangely, he found some who believed that forgiveness and faith were stronger than fear. He knew he could kill their bodies; but he didn't know he could not kill their souls. (Mat. 10:28)

Once he learned this truth, he had his family roar louder and leave proof of their bloody hunts in more and more obvious displays. Still, these people hide behind the cross.

He became frustrated and sharpened his claws and killed even more.

Then, one day the One who had been on that Cross came back and stood on a mountain. Later, he and his pride were thrown into a lake filled with fire.

Finally, a different lion laid down with a lamb that felt no fear or terror ever again.

This completed the story of the lion who had to follow his nature and roar.

Dear Father, protect your children from the terrorists who are seeking to destroy. Confound the god of this world by teaching us by taking refuge in Jesus we find peace, are safe, and are strong. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

Dr. Bob (AZ)