His mother said to the servants, "do whatever He tells you." John 2:5 NIV

More times than I care to admit, I have plunged ahead in an extremely challenging situation without taking time to ask for God's help. Then, when my frustration reaches its limit, I will usually come whining to God for help. When I do, I won't get my guidance in so many words as the servants in our story did. Bit it is amazing how much smoother my day goes from that point forward.

Perhaps a number of people had crashed the wedding party Jesus and his mother were attending. Or perhaps the host had miscalculated in his preparations for the wedding meal. At any rate, there was a culinary crisis. They had run out of wine.

Jesus had not yet revealed his identity. No one knew Him as the Son of God. They had an excuse for not turning to him for help. But when Mary said, "do what He tells you," they did it. 

I cringe when I read this scripture. The servants in our story did not know who Jesus was. I do Each time I open the scriptures, each time I hear the scriptures read or listen to a sermon, I am reminded that our Lord desperately wants to be there for me. He longs to empower me in all that I do. All I need to do is ask. And then "do whatever He tells me."

Lord, forgive us for ever thinking we do not need you every moment of every day. And thank you for wanting to be there for us. Amen.