"That They May Be One, Even As We Are One" John 17:11 NASB

Hopefully, after reading this prayer of Jesus, we gain the wisdom that He desires oneness for His disciples. Bonded relationships are at the heart of the life Almighty God desires for His children. Relationships are central to finding abundant life.

A major example of this truth is that warm relationships with our family members are more important than any amount of success or prosperity. What do we have without family and, what is more important than being friends with our individual family members?

These relationships grow from the seeds of experience, both good and bad. Neglect, trauma etc. can cause a relationship to lose the ability to grow unless the frozen ground of a winter of neglect is allowed to soften by the warmth of spring's warm rays and then new life can begin.

As we grow, we share more and become vulnerable with each other. Good loving family relationships are a process, not a static thing just because we are related. In a family, we should not only love each other, we should be friends. "A man who has friends should show himself friendly." (Prov. 18:24)

When we find Spirit directed loving relationships, we find a preview of Heaven where facts, figures and details will be swallowed by the presence of God, who is love. (I John 4:8)

Dear Father, please help us to live a life that is homogenized, not pasteurized. Bless us with the power that comes from being integrated into your Son's sufficiency. Give us oneness even as you are One. Thank You, In Jesus' name, Amen."

DR. Bob (AZ)