I pray that you have your roots and foundation in love. Eph. 3:17b


When we bought our house it came wth a brick planter that divided the living room from the dining area. I felt pretty confident that I could grow a philodendron, so I bought a very small plant and placed it in the center of the large planter. Over the years, long vines filled the planter. One day, on impulse, I began attacking a particularly long vine along the ceiling of my dining room. Very soon now, it will have encircled the room and arrive back at the planter. 

No matter how far from the planter the vine extends its reach, however, it is vital that it still be connected by its roots to the soil in the planter. Should those roots be ripped from the soil, the entire vine would wither and die.

Paul's interest is in spiritual roots. He wants to be sure the Ephesian's roots are planted in love. Why love? That they may begin to understand Christ's love for them. Why? That they might then come filled with the very nature of God. Why? Because God IS love.

Periodically I shine my philodendron leaves and envision each leaf representing love as it reaches, not around my dining room, but around the world, firmly rooted in the pure and holy love of Christ. What a recipe for peace.


Lord of love, help us to stay rooted in You, the source of all that is good. Amen.

Madeline NE