The Destination

Then they willingly took Him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the place of the land they were headed for" John 6:21 TEV

"Are we there yet? How often do we hear that from children in the back seat of the car when we travel. 

Long journeys are tiring. Mile after mile of the same scenery soon causes bickering as they find their own way of entertaining themselves. 

In chapter 6 of the Gospel according to John, Jesus had chosen to be alone, so the disciples got into their boat and started across the Sea of Galilee. Suddenly Jesus came to them walking on the water. Then the really amazing thing happened! Though they had traveled only a few miles, not only did the storm subside, but "immediately the boat reached the place of the land they were headed for." 

Everything about life is a journey, and much of life is frustrating and tedious. We often feel like the child in the back seat still calling out, "Are we there yet?" It is then that we need to look up. Jesus is there. He is still walking on the water and will gladly get into our boat with us. What can be better than that?

Lord of all that is good and gracious, when life's journey seems tedious, give us the wisdom to invite you to join us. Amen.

Madeline, Nebraska, USA