"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7 NKJV 

A young man had moved hundreds of miles away from home. He wanted to not only go to college, but he also wanted to find out what God had to say about things.

He chose a small private college that had a good reputation for the accurate study of the Bible. He didn't want to be a pastor but thought he'd first learn about what the Bible had to say about things and he'd figure life out from there. He felt he wasn't the smartest duck on the pond, but was determined and stubborn. He also felt that was good as his father, a construction man, had always said: "give me a stubborn boy anytime as they are the only ones who are going to survive".

One day, he learned something that he hoped would change his life. He found II Timothy 1:7. It seemed to him that God was telling His people to: "don't be afraid, live the way I made you at your new birth birthday party."

He called it the PLS verse and learned the Father gives three special gifts to each person when they are born again: power, love, and a sound mind. He felt these three treasures were to live in harmony and spent his life in that pursuit.

"Help us, Father, to live out the qualities that You created in us when You made us a new creature. When the devil roars, we have the tendency to cower. Sorry, please help us in Jesus' name. Amen." 

Dr. Bob, AZ