A Spiritual Checkup

Read Luke 13:10-13.
When he laid his hands on her, immediately she stood up straight and began praising God. v 13 RSV

My daily walks not only help keep me physically fit, but they are a time for me to enjoy nature. I enjoy the wind in my hair. I try to identify the birds as they chatter in the tree tops. I watch the progress of my neighbors' flower gardens.

How different the experience of the woman Jesus encountered. Could she see anything but a dusty road and countless feet in dusty sandals? Jesus approaches her. "Woman, you are set free from your ailments." Now the woman straightens up and is able to look around at a world she has not seen for eighteen years. Imagine the gratitude she felt!

Physical health is truly a blessing. When we are blessed with it we have God to thank. Some of us have annual checkups for that reason. Physical checkups can save lives. In Psalm 103:1-8 we learn, however, that physical healing is only a small part of what Jesus came to do. "He forgives all your sins." "He redeems your life from the grave."

I thank God that I can walk straight and tall and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. But as I enjoy my physical blessings I must be alert to the danger of being spiritually crippled. Do I live as one who has been redeemed? Do I fully appreciate the price Christ paid that I might have eternal life? Or am I so spiritually crippled that I do not grasp this immeasurable gift. Is it time for a spiritual checkup by the Great Physician?

Prayer: Lord, you are the healer of all our ills. Help us walk ever in your presence and attuned to your spiritual guidance. Amen.

Madeline. Hastings, USA