Light In The Darkness

Read Isaiah 9:2-7. The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light. v 2a KJV

My family genealogy includes the story of a young boy named Peder who in his early teens had to leave home and find work because there were more children in the family than their parents could feed. As the very first settlers on the Nebraska prairie, they were literally living from hand to mouth. It was expected of most boys that age to hire out to work for a neighboring farmer.

One Friday night Peder decided to go home for the weekend. He started to walk across the prairie toward his home. There were as yet no fences or roads -- nothing but open prairie with an occasional homestead here and there. As the murky darkness descended upon the prairie he realized the sky was overcast. No moon in sight -- nor could a star be found anywhere in the vast expanse of the heavens. He had nothing to guide him and he knew he could easily wander far in the wrong direction. So Peder lay down on the lonely prairie and slept until sunrise.

Isaiah paints us a picture of spiritual darkness every bit as deep and all consuming as the Nebraska prairie on that night. The people lived without hope. Then Isaiah came to them with a thrilling message. He has been with the Lord and the Lord has given him a glimpse into the future. There will be an end to the dark despair. There is a great light in their future. Unlike Peder who could lie dow on the prairie grass and sleep knowing the sun would rise in a few hours, the people of Isaiah's day had no such assurance -- until God sent Isaiah with His message of hope.

The prophesy of Christ's coming has now been fulfilled, but sadly the darkness has not been altogether dispelled. There are still many who live in despair all around us; many who have not seen the Light. God depends on you and me to bring that Light to them. When the first pink rays of the sunrise illumined the prairie sky, Peder had no trouble finding his way home. We can be that ray of hope in a lost world.

Lord help us never to be guilty of not sharing the light of your great love with others. Amen.

Madeline, Nebraska, USA