Getting Stuck

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. (Psalm 40:2 NIV)

The road to my daughters is a winding one, narrow, with marshes on either side, no shoulder, no guard rails. I would never have traveled it at night had it not been to attend the church play her whole family of five had invested themselves in practicing for a month. There are several turns that are deceptively easy to find in daylight, but at night get lost in the shadows and low beams, so I was not surprised I had missed one. We simply doubled back and this time I was confident I was going the right way and that we would make it on time. Just when I said as much to my son we entered a curve and misjudging the width of the road, ran my rear tire off the pavement into the edge of the marsh. 

When I tried to get us out of the mess I had gotten us in, it merely resulted in the tire spinning in the water and muck. Revving the engine only worsened my predicament. I turned on my flashers and waited, suffering the accusatory groan that came from my son.

What followed was an orchestration of help from many fine people who had clearly been through this scenario before. A passerby called 911 and relayed the dispatcher’s instructions for us to exit the car. Then came the fire truck which blocked off one lane of the narrow two-lane road and directed traffic until a police officer got there. The officer did his assessment of the situation and arranged for a tow truck to come pull the car out. The tow truck hooked a chain to the front of my car and pulled it out unscathed on the first try. 

I was lucky. There was no water in the car, no damage to the body or the engine, just some unsavory debris hanging from the undercarriage that would require a thorough professional cleaning. And we didn’t even have to trudge through the marsh to get to dry land. God had brought the right people to my aid and had seen to it the only thing suffering damage was my pride. A small price to pay.

The coordinated efforts of those good people who helped me are not unlike what God does when we are in trouble spiritually. Like when I turned on my flashers that dark night, admitting I was out of my depth and needed rescuing if we will but signal God He will come to our aid. He will mobilize His forces, the church, friends, family, trained professionals if we will just let down our guard and admit we can’t get by on our own. Even if it means being extricated from the muck time and again by God’s tow truck, He is ready and willing.

Dear Father, Please help us to not be too proud to call for your help when we so badly need it. Amen.

Carol (NC)