A Safe Bet

Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The LORD is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does (Psalm 145:13 NIV)

In a certain sense, we are all gamblers in life. If we are to forge bonds with others, regardless of the type of relationship, we must go all in if we are to be successful at it, taking our guard down long enough to know and be known.

Unfortunately, all some of us learn when we take the risk of trusting another person on a deep level and are betrayed in return is that we don’t want to put our most precious feelings on the line like that again.

This reluctance to commit may transfer to our relationship with God as well. Opening our hearts and minds to an ongoing communion with God involves a certain element of risk taking too. Only when our eyes shed the scales that keep us from seeing ourselves as God sees us, do we cast about for spiritual fig leaves to cover our shame. We fear we may be exposed as imposters, unworthy of the trust Christ has lavished on us. If we don’t get beyond these feelings of guilt and self-accusation, we risk leading lives that are stunted and distorted, falling far short of the glorious lives Christ has envisioned for us.

God knows what courage it takes to break from the comfort of a life of complacency and self-interest in order to make this new beginning---one promising hardships and challenges, and a level of commitment that far exceeds any of our earthly relationships. Yet he also guarantees us peace, joy, and a camaraderie unlike any we will find in what the world has to offer. We may not reap the money or prestige that sadly, as a society, so many of us have come to equate with a wise and successful wager, but we will know the complete satisfaction of a life well-lived. Going all in on God is the safest of all bets. 

So let the world see you living like a winner because if you have given your life to Christ, you have made the decision of a lifetime. After all, He has promised us an afterlife in which there will be “no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying….no more pain.” (Rev 21:4 NKJV) What earthly pursuit can make such a promise and deliver on it? Trust God---He is unwavering, unchanging, and His words ring true.

Heavenly Father, Please help us to realize trusting you introduces us to an unparalleled closeness, one which will never let us down. Amen

Carol (NC)