Our Father Knows Best

"If you endure chastening, God deals with you as a son." Hebrews 12:7

Looking back over my life, I have rarely valued the hard times more than the enjoyable times. I must confess that this is a commentary on the lack of spiritual maturity I have possessed.

Many Christians can testify that the best times in their lives have not been the most pleasurable times, rather the best times were when they walked one painful step at a time holding Jesus' loving hand. In His presence, they found more than they ever imagined.

It was somewhat of a shock to me when I learned about the potential found in the Father's chastening (or child training) when I passed through what my attending physician described as:"you have been given a divine reprieve to a death sentence, enjoy it".

Spirit-controlled believers often feel, contrary to human reasoning, blessed and thankful for the refining pain of earthly tragedies. They have learned that the Lord's love and presence are often easier to experience when the things of this world grow dim. Knowing that it is because of his love that they are being taught, they cling to Jesus. The difficult times of this life are proof that they are loved: "The Lord chastens those whom He loves." (Heb. 12:6)

"Dear Lord, help us to look back over our lives and see in the sands of time only one set of footprints where you have carried us through our sorrow and pain. In Your name, Amen." 

Dr. Bob, AZ