Surving The Storm

The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” Matthew 8:27 (NIV)

As I read the familiar story of the fierce storm in Matthew 8, I reflected on my handwritten notes.

It was only about three miles across the lake; they weren’t expecting a problem. We usually aren’t expecting problems when they arise, are we? This was huge—I wrote “mega” next to the storm’s description. I've had “mega” storms; I imagine you have also.

His disciples, all experienced sailors, were terrified, but Jesus calmly slept through it all. He had been teaching all day and most likely was exhausted. I was a middle school teacher—I have an inkling of how he felt.

They couldn’t handle it any longer and woke Him up, probably yelling at Him over the storm to wake up and do something. “We’re going to drown!” They were certain it was the end. I’ve felt like yelling that at Jesus now and then.

I can imagine Jesus opening His eyes and calmly saying, “Stop—be still!”--and the fear and wonder of the disciples. At first, they didn’t think He could do anything, but they woke Him up anyway. Then, when everything instantly stilled, they couldn’t believe it. “Who is this man?” must have reverberated around that small boat. How often have we turned to friends with questions about our lives and disbelief at the outcome—either good or bad?

It's easy to empathize with the disciples. They went through a full spectrum of familiar emotions. They didn’t yet understand that Jesus could take care of them in any type of storm, physical, mental, or emotional. 

The passage ends with: “Even the wind and waves obey Him.” My notes: “Lord, make me like the wind!”

Lord, help us in the storms of life to look to you, to depend on you, and to obey your commandments. Amen.

Sharon, Arizona