Lonely Eyes Sometimes Cry

"God shall wipe away all their tears" Revelation 7:17

As my wife and I approach seventy and eighty, we have found today's verse has often applied to our life. We have found a secret that has taken us through life's trials. I wrote a few words to her in an anniversary card, and she is glad to share them with you if they will help even one of God's children.

"Deep inside hearts , loneliness can create islands of doubt which then can grow into dim dens. Succumbing to darkness, nurturing light no longer appears. Eyes made for the light fail to serve in the darkness, producing doubt and fear. Lonely eyes toil for relief when lost in darkness, and lonely eyes sometime cry.

Now, many years have passed, but we have found what has made us last. We have scars hidden beneath our wrinkles, but we still run to each other's arms and find the Spirit's peace when this world tries to tear us apart. Together, we claim Jesus' promise: Come to Me you who are heavy laden and I will give you peace. Together, in His arms, we find the strength to go on. Truly, we are one. 

I love you, Happy Anniversary, Bob."

Help us Lord Jesus to truly believe that You are the way, the truth and the life. Thank You.

Dr. Bob, AZ