A Knock at the Door

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20 KJV)

Initially we had her pegged as just being poor, wearing the same outfit each time she came in, negotiating for the lowest possible rate. But as her appearance deteriorated so did her mental state. We watched her leave the office on foot, fearing she was going to walk the miles to her home, not an easy task for someone her age.

I promised myself the next time she came in I would do something to help her. So I hurried out and caught up with her on the sidewalk when she was on her way out. Handing her the folded bill I saw a puzzled look cloud her expression, and she asked me why I was giving her money. I told her God had told me to give it to her.

The next time she came in she opened up a bit to my coworker and when I heard what she had said I knew the story she spun wasn’t a tall tale but the ramblings of someone out of touch with reality. It was clear she didn’t have the sort of problem you could merely throw money at. She was delusional, a condition that required professional intervention, which our area is sorely lacking in, but more importantly, required her cooperation. Given her religious beliefs, I doubted she would give it.

As harsh as it may seem, in a society which so closely safeguards personal freedom, we cannot force help on those who need it unless they pose a threat to themselves or others. Otherwise it is a matter of free choice on their part.

A similar dilemma exists when we are running away from Christ. We are afforded free will to choose to accept him as our Lord and Savior or not. Forcing us to do so would be unworthy of his great sacrifice and in the process make us no better than slaves. 

Man’s freedom to choose goes as far back as the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve in eating the forbidden fruit set in motion the chain of events that would necessitate Christ leaving his heavenly home and coming to earth as a man, enduring an excruciating death in order to redeem our fallen race. God must have put great stock in man having enough independence to determine his own fate in order to take such a risk.

As the result of Christ’s supreme sacrifice believers are adopted into the family of God, siblings of Jesus, sons and daughters of God the Father. We are even told to call him “Abba”, the familiar form for father. (Romans 8: 14-17). Consider the level of intimacy this implies compared to the alternative of having an absolute ruler who governs his subjects not as family but with an iron hand.

Instead, we are blessed to have a Savior, who being a gentleman, stands at the door and knocks, but will only enter if invited. Help for the worst problems, even those of the lady who is suffering a break with reality, is as close as responding to the knock on our heart’s door.

Blessed Jesus, Help us to summon the courage to welcome you to draw near when you approach us. Amen

Carol (NC)