On Death's Door

"Oh death , where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory." I Corinthians 15:55 

Last week, I heard death's door opening up.

Ever since I had a serious stroke two years ago, I have been taking Eliquis to hinder having another stroke. It's a good medicine, thank the Lord, I'm still here. But, this medication has a problem in that there is no coagulant presently that will stop a bleed out if one happens. The blood is thinned markedly so another blood clot won't cause another stroke.

Last week I had my head down working at my computer and suddenly I felt something warm coming out my nose. A small river of blood started flowing all over.
This constant river filled up two kitchen towels and started dropping big drops on the kitchen floor. I was in big trouble as I couldn't call 911 and my wife was an hour away.

I went outside to finish bleeding out and didn't know what to do. I bled and prayed. I told the Lord it was ok as I was ready to go home as it would take a miracle to save me. Several minutes of warm blood flowing down my face later, I thought someone was there and looked up best I could.

Standing there was a lady I had never seen- a registered nurse from next door who was visiting because her husband had recently died. She treated me until the EMS arrived and took me to the hospital.

I'm still here but while I was waiting to finish bleeding out, I had peace that death has lost its sting because of my Lord, Jesus.

"Thank You Lord for saving my soul. Thank You for making me whole. In Your name, Amen." 

Dr. Bob, AZ